I have been a stage and screen actor for nearly two decades, having trained at Exeter College, Oxford (1985-88), Guildford School of Acting (1989); Mime Centre London (1992); London School of Musical Theatre (1993); London Group Theatre (1994-97) and the Actors' Temple (2003-present).


2017 Welcom to Cobalt Life Jason Carlos Boellinger (sh.)
2015 Braithwaite Mr Bell Nathan Coetzee (sh.)  
2014 Nothing and Everywhere Biro Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon (promo trailer)
2013 Twice Shy DI Kellegher Ollie Wiggins (promo trailer)
2012 Tiramisu Director Self (sh.)
2012 Luck Jim Liviu Tipurita (feature)
2012 The Warehouse Richard Andrew McGeary (feature)
2011 The Estonian
(ep.1 'PINI' second series)
Josh Einstein Tomer Barzide (sh.)
2010 Doll House Norman Cesar Nogueira (sh.)
2010 All The Great Writers Mason Tomek Dzido (sh.)
2009 Christmas Party Ronald Justyna Ostrowska (sh.)
2009 Mr Screwfix The Surgeon Mike Baldwin (Ident/Discovery Channel)
2009 Envy Andrew Barry Ferns/Chris Head (sh.)
2009 Subject 23 Controller Chris Cook (Anglia Ruskin Univ) (sh.)
2009 Dark Steps Alessandro Charlie Keen (Met Film School (sh.)
2009 Monday's Child Uncle Domini Kelly (Actors' Temple) (sh.)
2009 You're Not My Father Dad Prince Davis (Extreme Films) (sh.)
2008 Alchemy Of Screen Acting Ed/Mac Andrew Higgs (BBC/Macheath Films) (screen-acting course)
2008 Get Me Out of Here Simon (+ co-wr.) Jean Hogg/CampbellCloud Films (sh.)
2008 A Happy Ending Vitalski Jo Romero (sh.)
2004 L'Inglese Andrew De Agostini (sh.)
2003 Sitcom (pilot) Andrew Macok Films (Milan) (sh.)
1996 Crimewatch File Reg Wilson BBC Television (sh.)
1995 Mysterious Discoveries (TV) Lord Byron TBS Tokyo (sh.)
1995 Lord Rochester's Monkey Lord Rochester Martin Dance/Bournemouth Film Sch. (sh.)
2002 Language Training Courses voiceovers La Spiga, Milan  
2000 The Decision dubbing TSI, Switzerland  
2000 Moses cartoon dubbing

Dream&Dream, Milan

1999 Various publicity spots voiceovers Mondadori/Sector Milan  
1997 Pilot/Crew Training Courses voiceovers Magister Ludi/Alltalia