I am currently teaching a regular drop-in class for actors ('Meisner Technique and Beyond') at Actors East Studio London E8 4DG on Thursdays 1030-1230 at Actors East Theatre London E8. I am also running year long training courses in the Meisner Technique for Actors at the same venue.

I can offer one to one, or group, coaching in acting either in person or via Skype. I am able to offer a service customised to your requirements, whether it be assistance with script analysis or audition preparation (including drama school entry), or any on-the-job, acting-related problem or query. I am prepared to travel as necessary.

'Uncle Vanya: Online Theatre Workshop' Credit: Maverick Motion, Laboratorium Meisnera, Sean Gittins, Fernanda Lippi and Donna MacFadyen.


‘Simon Furness coached the actors for the award-winning film ‘Turning to Birds’ by Maverick Motion and Zikzira Physical Theatre’




Simon Furness leading workshop on Harold Pinter's 'Betrayal', Pump House Theatre and Arts Centre, Watford, Feb 2022

I have been lucky enough to know and work withSimon over the past 10 years.  Always there to listen, encourage and advise - not only has he been the person I've always turned to to get me through auditions and prepare roles I've booked, he's instilled in me a work ethic and love for the craft of acting I'm not sure I could have found elsewhere.  Looking through my CV I can categorically say I would never have booked my first theatre role, The Blue Room (The Garrick, Lichfield), without him, nor, in fact, Yerma (Hull Truck & The Gate, Notting Hill).  He has guided me through preparation for my role in Hard Boiled Sweets (Universal), Secret Diary of a Call Girl (ITV2) and more recently Holby City (BBC1).  The things I have learnt from Simon form the basis of all I know (if I can be so bold as to say I know anything at all!) about acting.  We've laughed, we've cried, we've shouted - it's been a marvellous adventure, and is one I continue to enjoy.

TY GLASER, ('The Secret Diary of A Call Girl', 'Holby City')

I've known Simon over ten years, ever since I took his beginners Meisner class that really opened my eyes and my emotional life. Ever since I've seen him countless times whenever I've had to prepare a big audition.
I think a lot of actors dismiss technique as they quite often don't understand it and I think that's because the person who taught didn't either.
I've found Simon to be the opposite. He can get you to understand and apply Meisner's methods free of all pretensions.

(ALI COOK: Emmerdale, Mr. Selfridge, Kilo Two Bravo/Kajaki)

I am in my second year of training with Simon and I am so grateful for everything that I have learnt and am continuing to learn from him about acting. It is a privilege to be taught by a teacher who is so dedicated to the craft and who has so much knowledge of it, who brings so much experience, attention to detail and commitment to truth to the training; and who continually encourages and challenges me to be free in my acting and to be the best actor that I can be. I am so thankful for the disciplined and practical approach that he is instilling in me as well as the importance of making bold and interesting choices in my work. 
(Romane Bokkerink, 2nd Year Meisner Technique Actors East 2023)

I’ve known Simon Furness now for a few years, I’ve done his drop in classes and I am currently doing my second year of Meisner Technique training with him. 

Simon is always very helpful in and outside the class. He will stop a lesson when he thinks he could help your acting,  giving you some tips and encourage you to challenge your skills even more as he believes that you can do it. 

I do like his emails outside our classes where he is suggesting different ways to improve your acting. He will often drop you and email with links to different plays that are happening in town, YouTube videos, voice training videos, books etc. Simon is one of my favourite teachers who is really passionate about the craft of acting. (Jack Jagodka, 2nd Year Meisner Technique, Actors East 2023)



Working with Simon over the years has been my life line to creating the kind of work I feel proud of. I thought he was my best kept secret - someone I could talk to, to get all the crap out of the way and get down to the nitty gritty of a scene, breaking it all down from moment to moment. I always go to him feeling like I'm acting and come away feeling like I can be, this process I find priceless and it leaves me excited to get on with my work. I can assure you Simon has blossomed into a fine professional acting coach who I hope doesn't become too successful that I can't afford him anymore! Have you ever worked on a job where it feels empty and meaningless? No need just book a few sessions with Simon or attend his acting classes.

(IAN PECK: Harry Potter, Criminal Justice, Peaky Blinders)

Simon Furness with 1st Year Acting Student Luca Keaney, Actors East, London Feb 2022

Simon ‘kicked me up the bum’. After years as a "professional actor", I sort of thought I knew what acting was, sort of, maybe. Simon’s dedication to specifics and ultimately the truth changed my whole approach to acting. Probably to a lot of other things too. It was as a very direct result of the time I spent with Simon that led me to mature enough as an artist to start making films as well as to have the confidence to approach any new work as an actor with the right understanding. What is mainly to his credit as a teacher is that he cares and more than once has he helped me on jobs - he still ‘kicks me up the bum’. Thanks Simon.

(JAMES ALEXANDROU: ‘Martin Fowler’ in ‘East Enders’ 1996-2007)

Simon Furness. That’s the name of a man that shakes my bones during an acting class! I can proudly say Simon has elevated the quality of my work as an actor tremendously. Removing / Highlighting any habitual nuances that do not serve me whilst I perform. Simon is a passionate teacher of the Meisner Technique and he has expanded the way I act. Making my performances more honest and truthful. I feel ready to step up in my career now. Anyone who is serious about progressing as an actor MUST go to Simon whilst he’s still here with us. Leave your ego at the door and be prepared to be taught. The best teachers are the ones that were actors and Simon is great! 
(Jordan C Wallace, 1st Year Meisner Technique, Actors East 2023)

I felt incredibly lucky to have had the guidance of Simon while preparing for my role. As my first time in a leading role I was incredibly anxious and Simon gave me the tools with which to confidently portray the character with authenticity and emotional truth. He not only revolutionised the way I approach character but the way I work as an actress and for that I will be forever grateful. His sincere guidance and genuine support was everything.

(FAY CARTWRIGHT: Clare Hollingworth in 'Right Place Wrong Time', Corpus Playroom, Cambrige University)