Laurence Edwards




This section shows new bronzes.
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'Borrowed Breath' series of 5 192x159x58cms


life size 'Catcher' 180cms high 275cms wide. series of 8
Commissioned by Wesenburg Sculpture Park. Germany.


'Nothing is final' (let the wind blow). 120 high 130 wide. 1 in a loose series. 2015


'Myriad' (Evergreen) 1mx1m bronze series 2015


'Grail' series of 9, 60x33x19cms


'Changing Man' series of 9, 56x41x26cms


'The Patternist' series of 9, 64x31x20cms


'Apophenic Man' (The seer of patterns that don't exist) series of 5 100x72x28.cms


'Shapeshifter' series of 5, 65x30x71cms


'River man' series of 6, 49x101x35cms


'Evergreen' series of 4, 211x91x93cms


At Tisbury Barn, The New Messum's space in Wiltshire.


'Mind Over Matter' series of 5 126x183x61cms

After Mategna's 'Lamentation of Christ' 1480.

and others found on the way like this by Phillip de Champeigne, 'Dead Christ' 1654

I used this figure to make a farewell gesture to Butley Creek, where my studio has been for the last 15 years.
We carried the figure out to the waters edge, floated it out on a raft and submerged it in the tidal waters to be revealed at low tide, again and again until he finally sinks into the mud.
Its called 'A Thousand Tides' a film has also been made by Phil Cairney of the event.
There follows a few images, for the full story go to my blog …….

'A Thousand Tides' Butley Creek 2016.


'Head in the clouds' 35x30cms 2015


'A Scent In Dappled Light', bronze unique. 37x40x24cms


'Before The Dawn,(Rollover)'. bronze series of 4 39x39x39cms


"Wayfarer 1 - Wayfarer 2.' series of 9 55x30x26cms & 55x30x26cms respectively.


left: Leaf man Standing'. series of 9, 66x34x25cms
Right : 'The Gift', series of 9. 59x33x25cms


'Lattice' series of 9. 64x31x20cms


'Falls The Shadow'. series of 4, 170x63x50cms.


'Figure separated from its shadow'.


'Hollow Man'. series of 9, 126x53x32cms


'Sylvan Man' bronze series of 5, 142x139x66cms


'High Tide' Bronze 65cms high 2014


'Bubble Wrap Man 1' 89x66x37 bronze, ed 8


'Bubble Wrap 2 83x41x43cms bronze, ed of 8


Crouching man 3 2/8. life size figure


'Crouching man 3 study' 15 x 11 x 8cms bronze 4/15 ..2015


'Visor' 35x25cms 2015


'A Smile rendered'. 50 x 30cms bronze, 2015.


'Rendered Arm' 40 x 50 cms bronze 2015


'Chords' Butley Creek 2015. (3 metres high each on steel plinth).


'As yet untitled'. Bronze with plaster. 90cms high.


'The White Torso' (Bronze pedestal_ 151 cms high - 30 wide - 26 deep. ed 1 0f 6 (2015)


'Looking Forward, Facing Back." Edition of 6, 187x29x27cms