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We have been lucky enough to be given this old dulcimer, by the Quantrell family of Norwich, whose grandfather used to play it.

You see it here in the condition we acquired it in - rather tired and dusty from spending some time in a loft, but basically very sound and perfectly able to be restored and played again.

Richard Blake is currently engaged in restoring this lovely old instrument and we hope that you will hear it played next year.

If you think you have seen this instrument before or have any recollections of someone called Alfred George Quantrell playing, in or around the Alma Terrace area of Norwich, please contact us. Even the smallest smippets of information can add up. The nearest pubs would have been the Magpie and the Catherine Wheel but we don't know if Mr Quantrell played in pubs or just at home. He was born in 1875 so could have been playing perhaps from 1895 into the first half of the twentieth century.

In the meantime, our heartfelt thanks to the Quantrells for passing this treasure on to us.