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the world is broken:

"The piece ebbs and flows wonderfully, as the octet’s configuration is tactfully employed. Even over this sprawling 20-minute track, we experience a simultaneously cohesive and processual, innovative composition – by no means an easy feat." (Tom Burgess at Written Records, for Lancaster Jazz)

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another black death (for George Floyd):

"‘another black death (for George Floyd)’ is a piece which truly takes its listeners on a journey, moving through warm and uplifting ensemble playing, shredding solos, and disorientating moments of free improvisation." (Evie Hill for Lancaster Jazz)

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holding hands / Article XI double-bill @ Norfolk and Norwich Festival:

"[holding hands] blended electronics and samples, clattery grooves and lush enveloping melodies...One of the most striking passages came when Howe looped a disembodied voice, talking about the ice sheet falling into the ocean, which was mirrored syllable by syllable by first Clarkson's trombone, then others, while the vibes cut free in a welter of off-kilter chiming."

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