STOP PRESS - CAMOJAZZ... our new record label has just launched. See more below.


Camouflage aims to:

  • Support the local jazz/creative and free improvisation music scene
  • Engage with and encourage developing art and artists
  • Provide an interactive performance event that encourages audiences to document the process through drawing, writing, photography and film and so on in a relaxed environment
  • Present new and original music through an emerging network of specialist national promoters supporting touring bands and musicians.
  • Provide a web-based forum for sharing music, live recordings and various forms of creative documents and responses to the programme.

Camouflage is an event embracing performance, interaction, celebration and documentation of creative making processes. We see the space between performer and audience as permeable, even fluid, and the activity contributes to an ongoing dialogue about understanding. In that sense each event contributes to a broader documentary space capturing the dynamics of the conversation through music, drawing, painting, spoken and written word, photography, film…….

If you would like to support our aims plus access to thoughts and works, visit

You can see a growing catalogue of visual work at

If you have any thoughts, questions or materials you would like to share you can email us at


Our new record label has just announced its third release, "No Halves" by Hard Edges. The intention of the label is to curate a collection of new, diverse and challenging material. You can check out and purchase releases through our bandcamp page


being and evening performance of three trios and an an open collection of works by trios - music, visuals, text or any combination thereof.

If you would like to contribute, just send a link and a description to us at

To see the collection as it grows over the coming weeks CLICK HERE

GUITARFEST... an evening of guitar-focussed performances

Daniel Thompson/Colin Webster - photo courtesy of John Sharpe

Click here to see recordings of the entire evenng

CAMOFEST... a weekend of live musicmaking events and performances

Music and artwork produced during the first day of CAMOFEST, a weekend of live musicmaking events and performances held at The Shoe Factory, Norwich on the 24th and 25th of July 2021...

Click Here to see recordings of the entire weekend

Camouflage 2

An evening of music and art creation - Buhara Trio and Steve Appleton

Click Here to see more results of the event

Camouflage 1

An evening of music and art creation - somethings and Steve Appleton

Click Here to see more results of the event


In lieu of our regular live performances... we would love to see responses to musical tracks we will be posting over the next few weeks/months.

This tenth one in the series is "Opposites" by Steve Appleton

You can send us your text files, photos, drawings, paintings, films etc. to or if you use instagram or facebook use the tag #camouflagenorwich

Here are the responses so far...

Browse a collection of creative response

Browse a collection of drawings and paintings made at previous events