I'm Steve Appleton

I am an author and illustrator

Here are the covers of some of my books... click them to find out more.
You can buy personalised and physical books as well as digital versions direct from me via steve@steveappleton.co.uk


Content from the book 'Modernism'

Content from the book 'Bad Girls of Rose Valley'

Content from the book 'I Like To Swim'

Content from the book 'Nausea'

Content from the book 'Camofest'

Content from the book 'Are Not The Same'



I'm also an improvising musician

These are the covers of my solo albums.
Again, you can buy direct from me or through my store at steveappleton.bandcamp.com

I provide live music for exhibitions and gallery spaces - including using live-streaming and recording to provide similar but different experiences.

You can also stream my work through all the major streaming platforms using the handle 'Steve Appleton'

'Camouflage Norwich - Trios' Live performance

Live streaming from my studio

Integrating my audio and visual practice

Ongoing recording series





If you are interested in my process you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter or Youtube





If you have a project or event that you would like to talk to me about you can email me at steve@steveappleton.co.uk


I'm in the process of gathering archive materials around the various bands that I have played in over the years...

1985 Eva Valve      
1988 Basti          
1989     Delta Radio      
1993       Cornelius Stone    
1993 Globo     Moonboys    
1998   Glisten   The Brass Monkeys    
2000       Wawasan    
2003       Electric Guitars    
2004     The Young Britons      
2005       Delia    
2006     The Improvement      
2010       ASTR    
2012       VANDIANDS    
2018         Solo Work